No lessons learned from the Monuments Men?

12362922_10153924565818690_983990940604577453_odeutsch_50x33At the workshop „Protection of historical cultural values in wartime – Second World War to Syria“ I recently met Isber Sabrine (Chair of „Heritage for Peace“), Prof. Paul Harris (Auburn University, Alabama), PD. Dr. Uwe Hunger (FoKos Siegen) und Sascha Krannich (Uni Münster). A fascinating workshop with many interesting conversations – a lot of inspirations and thought I brought home with me.

Especially the question crossed our minds, why we obviously weren’t able to learn our lessons from World War II regarding cultural heritage protection: Again art historians, archaeologists and other „safekeepers of the heritage“ have to start from the scratch if they aim to protect cultural objects from destruction in the case of an armed conflict, as it is now happening in Syria. But additionally a whole new dimension occurs nowadays with the trade of illegally excavated artefacts from the Middle East – a great deal of these illicit objects end in the German antiquity market as well.

I gonna stay in touch with these speakers as we share some really interesting research topics!

I would like to especially recommend the website of Heritage for Peace, a NGO dedicated to the Salvage of Syrians cultural heritage. More information soon!

Protection of cultural heritage - in World World II to now


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